Monday, June 17, 2013

Doctor Who Watches

I'm a time travel fan.  I collect movies and TV shows on DVD that have anything to do with time travel.  But when my daughter started watching Doctor Who, she told me "Mom, you have got to watch this"!  "Ya, right" I told her.  I caught a glimpse of one of the original shows back in the early 70's and was not impressed.  So I told her "no thanks".  She kept bugging me, even gave me the complete 1st season from a friend.  It took me about 3 months before I decided to watch it.  It took me several episodes, but I got hooked!  Then she told me that Christopher was The Doctor for only one season.  NOOOOOO.....How can that be?!  Then she told me that David Tennant was taking his place, she said "you know, the guy that played Barty Crouch Jr."  You have got to be kidding me!  That evil guy on Harry Potter?  No way, yuck!  She insisted that I would love him.  She was right, I fell in love with David.  Now that I'm just getting used to Matt Smith as The Doctor he is going to leave.  Oh well, it's a good show.  And it better never be a woman! This is a man's role.
One of my friends daughter has made all the items from clay in these watches except the Gallifreyan one, that one I did with shrink paper.

Tardis #1

Tardis #2

Tardis #3

Minimalist Tenth Doctor

Minimalist Eleventh Doctor 

Objects of the Eleventh Doctor

"Are you my mummy?"

Cyberman "DELETE!"


The Silence

The name of the Doctor in Gallifreyan

These are for sale in my Etsy shop

Leave a comment here and let me know what you think.  Are there any other Doctor Who things you might like to see in a watch?  Let me know.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New watches - Archeology, Waitress, Doctor and Optometrist

I was searching Etsy one day with the word "tiny" in hopes to find new things to put in my watches.  Wouldn't you know, I found this listing for "tiny" bones!  Right away I thought of archeology and making a watch with a "dig" in it.  They were in a little glass vial so I sent a convo to the seller asking how many bones I could get without the vial.  She sent me a pic back that showed many bones and a ruler.....PERFECT!  Here is what I came up with.

The waitress watch came about because I had made a pen for the waitress at our Sunday morning restaurant the we frequent and one for the owner.  This watch can be made with the restaurant you (or someone you know) work at in the background.  I tried painting inside the clear dollhouse glass to make it look like there was tea or pop in it but it just didn't look right.  So I just added some clear glue to make it look like there was water in there.

I have had a few requests for Doctor Watches but never came up with anything.  It was easy coming up with the Nurse Watch but the Doctor one was a little bit more difficult.  Finally came up with this one.

Funny thing happened with the Optometrist Watch.  I had an eye appointment coming up in April and that gave me the idea to make one for an optometrist.  That morning I hurried to finish the watch and brought it to my appointment so I could get some input on it.  Showed it to the receptionist and an assistant, they thought it was cute.  So I showed it to the doctor after he was done examining my eyes....HE BOUGHT IT!  It wasn't my best work but he loved it just the same.  This isn't his watch, this is and the silver case one are for sale on Etsy.  Will be adding them to my other shops as well.

I am having so much fun coming up with different watches, I just hope people buy them.  Would be nice if I could have someone come in and clean my house, make meals and do the laundry so I could work on watches all day.

Let me know if you would like to see your occupation in a watch, even if you don't buy it maybe someone else will.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have watches now, 2000 of them!  After working with two failed sources last year to obtain watches I was finaly contacted by someone that was trying to get the same watches. She had contacted a manufacturer about making the watches but could not aford the 3000 watches needed to make up an order. After working with this company for nearly 6 months we finaly got our watches.  I have been very busy with custom orders and regular sales. It's fun to be back creating watches again. When I first started out I could get only gold cases, now I can get silver as well.  Check our my website won't you and take a look at all the watches I have made in the past 6 years.

You will find my more common ones: Nurse, Phlebotomist, Dentist, and Teacher. I also have a lot of custom watches I have made, many of them are with children for their mothers or grandmothers and ones with pets. There are also hobbies and interests, sports, seashells and sea life, businesses and religious.

I have made up a new one - Emergency 911 Watch.  It has a medic symbol background, 911, a Maltese cross, fireman's hat, and hatchet.
Emergency 911 Watch

Here is a custom one I recently made for a Wildlife Biologist.  It features an owl, ferret and prairie dog.
Wildlife Biologist Watch
Working on Teacher's Watches

My work bench with the cases, crystals, and leather bands.

Working on Nurse's Watch with Phlebotomist finished watches above.

My watches tell a little story, all in miniature.  Contact me if you would like a custom watch with a little story, like these 3 custom watches.

Don't forget to check out my website.  You will also find links to the shops I have were you can purchase watches.  Thanks!