Friday, February 24, 2012

Pens to match the watches.

I have started making pens that match the watches I make.  I also custom make them, so if you want to see something special in a pen let me know.  The first picture here is a Phlebotomy Pen and Watch.

This is the first Autumn Leaves Pen that I made.  Might have to rethink how I do this one as it was a lot of work.

Here is a Seashell Pen with a Seashell Collection Watch.  I love working with these tiny shells.  I couldn't put as many different shells in the pen as I do the watches because there is not as much room in the pen.

I didn't have any watches made up to match these pens when I took the pictures and right now don't have any blank watches to make them (shipment coming soon).  The Starry Night Watch has an angel in it.

Trying to put these pictures in the right place is frustrating!  But anyway, here are the Sewing, Teacher, Nurse and Starry Night Pens.  The Teacher Pen can be personalized with teachers name above the school.  If no teachers name, I write things like: 1+1=2, ABC, 123.

Have a great day!

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